ISMV Company History

Immigration Services of Mountain View is staffed by Rochelle Gibbons and Althea U. Tomijima, two California-licensed attorneys, specializing in Immigration and Naturalization law.
They perform low bono legal work and have a passion for representing those most in need.
They practice family-based immigration law with a special emphasis on helping victims of domestic violence or other serious crime and students who dream of legalizing their status in the United States. Maria Gonzalez, licensed in Ohio, is a new addition to our team.

They are supported by Daisy Guevara, a California-certified paralegal, who is fluent in Spanish, and other Spanish-speaking assistants.

Immigration Services of Mountain View is located in the northern part of Sunnyvale, not far from downtown Mountain View and near VTA light rail, Caltrain and SamTrans.

ISMV Board

  • President
    Althea U Tomijima
  • Vice President
    Rochelle Gibbons
  • Treasurer
    Maria Flaherty
  • Secretary
    Zoila Ramirez
  • Members
    Carmen Hernandez
  • Debra Amstadter
  • Joe Barela
  • Ronaldo Manuel

ISMV is a 501(c)(3) organization accepting donations. I want to help!

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